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A bit late on Impact Weapons Components -

IWC's SMC (Side Mount Cantilevered) 1" Light MOUNT-N-SLOT's with AMBI mounting capability, so you can places the tail cap of the handheld light forward and in the perfect position to activate with your support hand thumb at either the 1:00 or 11:00 position on your weapon. IWC SMC Scout Light Mount-N-Slot - IWC SMC Scout Light Mount-N-Slot Product Details: IWC designed our SMC (Side Mount Cantilevered) Scout Light Mount with AMBI mounting capability, so you can place the tail cap of the light in either the 1:00 or 11:00 position. IWC Mount-N-Slot TMC 1 Inch Light LTMC100FO TMC 1 inch O.D. LIGHT MOUNT-N-SLOT positions the light tighter to the weapon's centerline than other designs requiring a 1913 rail mounting system, increasing the operators field of view while reducing the chances to ensnarl your weapon.

Weapon Control MOUNT-N-SLOT (1913) ... IWC designed our WEAPON CONTROL MOUNT-N-SLOT to be extremely compact, ... Tactical Accessories > Tactical Light Mount

Home [] What We Do. Impact Weapons Components designs, patents & manufacturers THORNTAIL2, THORNTAIL & MOUNT-N-SLOT Accessory Mounts For Firearms with M … SMC 1" Light Mount-N-Slot -

IWC's MOUNT-N-SLOT products are MADE BY AMERICANS. $25.95. PA as always shipped the item fast and packaged well. $29.95.JIALITTE M-lok QD Sling Mount Sling Swivel 1.25 Inch Adapter Attachment for M lok ..IWC 45 Offset 1913 Rail QD Rotation Limited Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT.This product works wonders and is made of quality LaRue materials.Sports & Outdoors Impact Weapons Components Keymod Mount N Slot ...

(IWC) 45 degree Picatinny QD Sling Mount - Red Barn Armory Sling mount supports weights of up to 250 lbs. Up to 70% lower profile than other QD Sling Mounts on the market. Ultra-light MOUNT-N-SLOT design weighs ... Reid's AR-15 Selection and Setup Tips - Full30 Jul 10, 2015 ... ... what kind of mount do you use for your front sight mounted light? ... ://www. Impact Weapons Components - Soldier Systems Daily

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Attach any Light designed to attach to a 1913 MIL-Spec Picatinny Rail. Positions the Light at a 45 degree offset angle when mounted to an 1913 MIL-Spec Picatinny compliant rail Ambidextrous with 8 total mounting solutions on 4 sided 1913 MIL-Spec Picatinny Rail system Forward/Rearward Adjustable 4 slot 1913 Picatinny rail has 4 separate mounting positions on 1913 Picatinny mount base for ... IWC 45 Offset Rail QD Sling Mount - LaRue Tactical